There are many ways you can help Wonderland Humane Society!

  • We need members who will help us redefine our organization, to carry us forward
  • We need people who want to make a difference and impact our community’s efforts to have a healthy relationship with the diverse groups that serve animal causes and also the governing bodies that oversee animal ordinances.
  • We need people who can use technology to help find the funding grants and the people who can write the funding grants applications.
  • We need people who understand how to work with social media to get the messages across to the community at large and on a personal level.
  • We need decision-makers, speech-givers and presenters, copy writers, idea people, phone talkers , thank you letter writers.
  • We need bookkeepers, delivery and pick-up drivers, secretarial people, and fund raisers.
  • We need students and teachers.
  • There are so many possibilities and so many of you out there who want to do something to help animals be safe and happy and healthy.

Our future goals

  • We would like to have community education about the feral cat Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) program that is effective in keeping the feral population under control in other communities.
  • We would like to be part of a community discussion about the requirement by some housing authorities to declaw cats. It is a painful and sometimes crippling procedure that is outlawed in many areas as cruelty to animals.
  • We would like to find out what the community needs from us to be the most helpful in our mission to promote animal welfare.

We would love to have you join us!
Please give us a call at 231-920-6405 or drop us a note at